Sounds Inside

Tom Rice 2016 Sounds Inside: Prison, Prisoners, and Acoustical Agency for those interested in Acoustic Ethnography.

Writers on Writing

Anand Pandian speaks about the creative processes involved in writing in a dialogue with Thomas Yarrow in this new paper in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Click here for PDF:

Anand Pandian and Thomas Yarrow

Do you have a mobile?

An article by Daniela Kraemer, “Do you have a mobile? Mobile phone practices and the refashioning of social relationships in Port Vila Town,” just published in the Australian Journal of Anthropology explores how mobile phones shape the lives of people in Port Vila Vanuatu. An interesting look into how the mobile phone constitutes a “respository […]

Border Theatre and Security Spectacles by James P. Walsh

In his article “Border Theatre”, James P. Walsh discusses the ways in which media spectacles apotheosize governments, reinforce the status quo, and construct border enforcement as unavoidable and necessary.

Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism Volume 8

As always, I am very impressed by the work of the Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism. Check out Volume 8. Their work embodies the principles of the CIE for its focus on multimedia experiments, attention to theory and social justice, and novel ways of imagining academic scholarship. Beautiful!

A great loss to Canada’s arts community

Michael Green, Narcisse Blood, Michele Sereda and Lacy Morin-Desjarlais died in a car crash Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Morley Hartenberger also passed away in the car crash.

Read the CBC news article here.

The Inquisition/Torture of the Tenure Track by Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs

Check out the newest edition of Creative Approaches to Research, especially Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs’ clever paper on the process of tenure in the contemporary academy. #imaginativeethnography

Newest Issue of Visual Ethnography Review

VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY vol. 3, n. 2 is online at

Lisa Robertson: Theory, A City

Lisa Robertson writes on the power of feminist “culture, discourse and resistance” to shape “contemporary urban experience and urban space.”

Excerpt from the article:

“The feminist writers of Montréal have altered their city irrevocably. When women write about and from the cities they live in, they are transforming the material city into a web of […]

Visual Anthropology - new issue

Visual Anthropology’s newest special issue focusing on Popular Pictorial Arts. Check it out here.