Viral Soundscapes in the Public Square: The Confederate Flag Visits the U.S. Capitol

In the ethnographic intervention, “Viral Soundscapes in the Public Square: The Confederate Flag Visits the U.S. Capitol,” Mark Aulander and Bryce Peake explore the aural dimensions of the stuggles over the Confederate battle flag in the United States.

Bryce Peake (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and Mark Auslander (Central Washington University)

Photo credit: Russell […]

Stand by Me in Kwak’wala

Elisha Taylor-Child translated the song “Stand by Me” into Kwak’wala for her linguistics project. Listen below.

What did ancient Babylonian songs sound like?

Stef Conner and Andy Lowing reconstruct what an ancient Babylonian might sound like. 

Tracing A

An interesting multi-media project that bridges radio, art, history and politics. This could make for an interesting model for student projects…

Audio Sensorium: The Noise Project

The Noise Project – curated by Labspace Studio – examines the concept of noise from a citizens perspective. Participants in the project included a medley of artists, students and community thinkers who wished to engage in “critical dialogue, experiential learning, and collaborative approaches to research, art making and self-discovery.” 

Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition

From July 26th to July 27th […]

Urban soundscapes

These two sites are examples of soundscapes: interactive maps of cities representing and exploring different acustic environments.

London Sound Survey:

Open Sound New Orleans:

Democracy Please Retweet: The Twitter Play Interview with Kerric Harvey

Listen to member Kerric Harvey on the GW Global Media Institute in Washington, DC talk with a former student about a play made from twitter messages.


The Sound Ethnography Project, and other audio ethnographies on this site offer exciting examples of possibilities.

Interview with Wole Soyinka

Interview with Wole Soyinka, Nigerian author/activist on CBC Writers and Company