Climate Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives on Climate Change

A new book edited by Jessica Barnes and Michael R. Dove, Climate Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives on Climate Change, explores the role of the imagination in anthropological engagement with climate change. The contributors to the volume look at how climate change has been imagined in diverse social contexts, because “In addition to the material dimension of […]

The Art of Memoir by Camilla Gibb

Canadian writer and anthropologist by training, Camilla Gibb, reviews Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir in today’s edition of The Globe and Mail. Gibb writes, “We live in the most autobiographical era of human history, documenting and sharing the minutiae of our daily lives. It’s hard to know what impact this will have on memoirs […]

Studying Flip-Flops

“For seven years, sociologist Caroline Knowles has been following a pair of flip-flops around the world. From its birth in Kuwait oil, the flip-flops led her via the petrochemical factories in South Korea to the flip-flop workers in the plastic city of Fuzhou in China. By studying flip-flops, the researcher from Goldsmiths in London argues, […]

Of Winter Moons By Lisa Stevenson

Lisa Stevenson on ethnography, philosophy, poverty and religion.


“Wallace Stevens, in his poem “The Snow Man” says in the opening line that “one must have a mind of winter,” and then he says that such a listener, one who possesses that mind of winter, “…listens in the snow/And, nothing himself, beholds/nothing that is […]

Book Review:

Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty By Veena Das

Book Review: “Listening with Veena Das to Ordinary Ethics” By Michael M.J. Fischer

Performing Ground: Space, Camouflage and the Art of Blending In

By Laura Levin

“What stands out when we blend in? Performing Ground is the first book to explore camouflage as a performance practice, arguing that the act of blending into one’s environment is central to the ways we negotiate our identities in and through space. Laura Levin tracks contemporary performances of camouflage through a variety […]

Performing Objects and Theatrical Things

Edited by Marlis Schweitzer and Joanne Zerdy

“Performing Objects and Theatrical Things rethinks historical and contemporary theatre, performance, and cultural events from the perspective of the objects and things that activate stages, venues, environments, and archives.”

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Disciplining Terror: How Experts Invented ‘Terrorism’

A book by Lisa Stampnitzky

“Lisa Stampnitzky traces the political and academic struggles through which experts made terrorism, and terrorism made experts. She argues that the expert discourse on terrorism operates at the boundary – itself increasingly contested – between science and politics, and between academic expertise and the state.”

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Image […]

The Collapse of Western Civilization

Historians of science, Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, have experimented with science fiction in their recent publication on climate change. This short fictional book provides an account from the future from the point of view of a scholar in 2393. It bring together science fiction, climate change studies, the history of Science and STS, published […]

Coded Territories: Tracing Indigenous Pathways in New Media Art

Coded Territories: Tracing Indigenous Pathways in New Media Art by Steven Loft and Kerry Swanson. A fabulous collection of essays bridging art, indigenous studies, STS, and visual media. 2014

This has been published by the University of Calgary Press and is an open access free publication.

Not to be missed!

Particularly love Jackson 2Bear’s […]