Mom and Me film screening

Mom and Me

*Film Screening and Discussion with Director Lena Macdonald**Introduced by Dr. Lilia Topouzova, 2014-15 Visiting Scholar, Centre for Feminist Research*

*Tuesday, October 25, 2016* *12:30PM-2:30PM**626 Kaneff Tower, York University*

*Mom and Me* (58 min) is a deeply personal feminist film which took 15 years to make. It follows the […]

Sensory Postcards: Using Mobile Media for Digital Ethnographiers

Milena Droumeva is a mobile media practitioner and ethnographer. For her, “sensory postcards are a form of multimodal inquiry that engage sensory ethnography as an access point into urban life, place and human geographies, as well as power relations and models of situated learning. As an inductive approach, generating sensory postcards means sensing first, capturing […]

Flowers from the Mount of Olives

Heilika Pikkov’s documentary, Flowers from the Mount of Olives (2013), is a great inspiration to ethnographers. It focuses on the life of an elderly Estonian nun, Mother Ksenya, who prepares for the Great Schema – or vow of silence. With beautifully shot images, ethnographic attention to detail, and use of animation, the film explores the […]

On the Charlie Hebdo Attack & How the West Treats Muslims

Scholar Tariq Ramadan, Harper’s Rick MacArthur on Charlie Hebdo Attack & How the West Treats Muslims:

Link to full interview transcript here.


“France is in a state of mourning after the deadly attack on the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. A massive manhunt is underway for the suspected […]

Haida group animates pipeline opposition using stop motion and music

The Haida group to voice their campaign against Enbridge Northern Gateway uses stop motion and music in their newest video.

Click here to read the article and check out the video.

Trailer for the Ground-Breaking Documentary

Opening today around the U.S., the provocative documentary film “Food Chains” shows a ground-breaking partnership between farm labour and some of the largest fast-food and grocery chains in the world.

Democracy Now offers an exclusive interview with one of the movements key members, Gerardo Reyes-Chávez, a farm worker and organizer with the Coalition of Immokalee […]

Cleaning Up After Capitalism – Wall Street

Watch Here

“Capitalism vs The Vacuum Cleaner”


'Off Color'

Check out “Off Color,” a NY Times video series exploring humor, art, and racism in America, featuring artists of color and minority artists.

See it here.

International Diaspora Film Festival

The International Diaspora Film Festival is happening in Toronto November 7th-9th! 

Image Courtesy of IDFF









Invoking the Goddess: A photography exhibit from Sir Lanka, by Malathi de Alwis