In a Time of Displacement, Arab Artists Negotiate the Meaning of Home

Catherine Kustanczy, in her article In A Time of Displacement, discusses an exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto entitled “Home Ground: Contemporary Art from the Barjeel Art Foundation.” The exhibit displays works of Arab artists who engage with notions of home and displacement. For example, two installations, “Standing Dove” and “Eating Dove, “… […]

What Teeth Tell Us About Social Class

In her insightful article, “Poor Teeth,” journalist and educator Sarah Smarsh discusses the class politics of teeth. She writes, “My family’s distress over our teeth – what food might hurt or save them, whether having them pulled was a mistake – reveals the psychological hell of having poor teeth in a rich, capitalist country: the […]

Poets Speak Out For Refugees

Five poets speak and share their poetry about the recent European refugee crisis in the October 16th edition of The Guardian. “‘No one leaves home unless / home is the mouth of a shark. You only run for the border / when you see the whole city / running as well.’ This evocative stanza from […]

The Waste Land Project

The Waste Land is an installation project by Daniel Domig and Christopher Domig that employs theatre and poetry as a way of reviving T.S. Elliot’s classic poem. “Many of us first encountered — or avoided — The Waste Land (1922) as homework. This performance is an opportunity to reengage with the classic text, to discover […]

The Poetry of Bearing Witness

Jewish poet Howard Richard Debs, in his post (The Poetry of Bearing Witness) on poetry and the Holocaust, grapples with Theodore Adorno’s famous statement, “To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.”

Debs writes “for these past 30 years, I have searched for a way to bear witness, a role Elie Wiesel imself urges upon us. […]

The “Heirloom” Project

“The “Heirloom” project by poet Shin Yu Pai is a simple idea — using vinyl stickers to imprint letters on fruit — that invites visitors to have a more complex experience in the Carkeek Park orchard through a constantly changing literary narrative.”

“I do love written and page-based poems,” she said. “I’m also excited about […]

Getting the Dirt: New Perspectives on Trash in New York City

Mierle Laderman Ukeles “realized that in the eyes of society she had lost her “artist” status and had become one of the maintenance class — housewives being in the same category as janitors, security guards, and sanitation workers — and recognized something deeper: that it is the very people performing the most essential tasks of […]


Ephemera, sketches in pen and watercolours, and Post-It notes… Carol Hendrickson’s visual field notes in Vietnam.

Revisiting a Jewish Ritual with Nicole Eisenman

Check out a fascinating article on rethinking Jewish ritual with a painter Nicole Wiseman.


“Nicole Eisenman’s painting “Seder” puts the viewer at the center of a formal Passover family gathering. Standing in front of the canvas, one is invited to the table. Commissioned in 2010 by the Jewish Museum, “Seder” appears in […]

Of Winter Moons By Lisa Stevenson

Lisa Stevenson on ethnography, philosophy, poverty and religion.


“Wallace Stevens, in his poem “The Snow Man” says in the opening line that “one must have a mind of winter,” and then he says that such a listener, one who possesses that mind of winter, “…listens in the snow/And, nothing himself, beholds/nothing that is […]