Cosmopolitan Moments

Photographer Colin Shafer has headed up a participatory photography project in Toronto, Canada. 

From the Peeps Forum: 

“A young woman stands against a pole in a subway, framed within the window of the car. She looks directly at the camera. Her face is not expressionless, but it doesn’t evoke a particular expression either. This is […]


Check out the work of YZ, who uses art to pay tribute to the Dahomey Amazon women.

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Image courtesy of YZ

Pentagon Photography and Visual Anthropology

A look at how the Pentagon borrows photographic technique from classic anthropological photographs.

From the article: “As I argue below, one of the recurring features of Pentagon photography, especially one that accounts for their possible aesthetic appeal (depending on the cultural training of the viewer), is their correspondence with dominant and pervasive photographic genres […]

Haunting Strathcona

Haunting Strathcona. Graffiti on the fence of Villa Cathay Care Home, Vancouver. August, 2014

African Photography Initiatives

African Photography Initiatives: Call for Papers (15 May – 15 August 2014)

African Photography Initiatives is pleased to announce that the conference Validating Visual Heritage in Africa: Historical Photographs and the Role of the “Archive”. The conference will take place in Buea…


Haunting Strathcona 2

Battery Opera


This week Su-Feh takes a break from her Fitzmaurice Voicework training in New York, to jet over to Ottawa and perform Everything at the Canada Dance Festival on June 14.


Haunting Strathcona

Verbatim: What Is a Photocopier?


Great photo-essays on the borderland between Mexico and the US from NRP (perhaps we should do a comparative Can/US border photo-essay??) I particularly like this one on empty houses in Ciudad.