Learning Graphic Novels from an Artist's Perspective by Stacy Leigh Pigg

Be sure to check out CIE member Stacy Leigh Pigg‘s new blog post at the UTP teaching blog. 

This is the third post in a new blog series called Graphic Adventures in Anthropology. Once a week for 7 weeks, a guest contributor will write about some aspect of graphic anthropology (and by “graphic” we mean drawing […]

Networked Disruption

This looks like a fabulous conference! Rethinking oppositions in art, hacktivism and business.

Drawing upon Tatiana Bazzichelli’s book Networked Disruption: Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and the Business of Social Networking (2013), this seminar proposes both to expose and to dissipate the tension between art, social networking, political activism and business logics through a […]

Whiteness and anti-vaccines

This is an interesting perspective on the anti-vaccine debate currently making headlines by race scholar David Shih.

Sound Studies: Art, experience, politics CFP

Check out CIE member Ely Rosenblum’s collaborative conference in the UK this summer!

Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics is looking for academic paper presentations, sound art, and artist in residence for our conference taking place on July 8-10th, 2015.More information is available on the CRASSH website.

Cosmopolitan Moments

Photographer Colin Shafer has headed up a participatory photography project in Toronto, Canada. 

From the Peeps Forum: 

“A young woman stands against a pole in a subway, framed within the window of the car. She looks directly at the camera. Her face is not expressionless, but it doesn’t evoke a particular expression either. This is […]

Comedy of Things: An anthropology experiment

This is a very interesting project that uses comedy to think about knowledge making in Anthropology. Check it out here.

Fiction Writing Contest

Have you seen the annual ethnographic fiction writing contest sponsored by the Society for Humanistic Anthropology?

From their webpage:

The Society for Humanistic Anthropology announces our annual ethnographic fiction competition to encourage anthropologists to use alternative literary genres to explore anthropological concerns associated with the four fields of anthropology. Stories should not exceed […]

The Inquisition/Torture of the Tenure Track by Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs

Check out the newest edition of Creative Approaches to Research, especially Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs’ clever paper on the process of tenure in the contemporary academy. #imaginativeethnography

Evidencing Disaster: Kim Fortun and Max Libroiron


Salon Theme:

This Salon explores disjunctures between official accounts and lived realities in the context of disaster. Our aim is to interrogate disaster in its multiple forms and mobilities. We explore how evidentiary regimes shape the ways a disaster is apprehended and how it is mitigated. We ask: How are evidence and expertise […]

CFP: Materialisms Unbound: flows, temporalities, formations


Workshop at York University, Toronto, May 7-8, 2015

The humanities and social sciences have recently seen a growing emphasis on materiality in relation to bodies, discourses, economies, affects, nature, culture, technologies, ideologies, assemblages, networks, entanglements, social formations, and latent potentialities. How, in this attention to the material, is our understanding of the […]