Atlas of Dreams

atlas of dreams

These maps and their audio recordings depict the San Francisco Bay Area urban dream life.   I created these maps influenced by notions from psychogeography, which aims at revealing the emotional aspect of cities, and from practices in contemporary art that legitimize the everyday experiences of people through the format of maps.  I incorporated the audio-recording of the dreamers as a way of emphasizing the narrative quality of dreams and their social character.

These maps are based on one hundred and thirty memorable dreams that I recorded over the period of two years in the Bay Area of San Francisco.  By memorable dreams, I mean those dreams that have remained in the minds of the dreamers.  The dreams can be loosely classified as nightmares, premonitory dreams, healing and lucid dreams.  Within the category of nightmares, there was one significant and substantial subset:  nightmares in which the dreamer feared the death of a loved one. I represented these dreams using different colors and shapes:  orange for lucid and wondrous dreams, blue for healing and consoling, green for premonitory dreams, purple for nightmares, and red for dreams in which the dreamer faces the death of a loved one.  The maps represent the places where the dreamers had these experiences. 

Please see: Nakashima Degarrod, L. (2017), Atlas of Dreams: Unveiling the Invisible in the San Francisco Bay Area. Vis Anthropol Rev, 33: 74–88. doi:10.1111/var.12123

Lydia Nakashima Degarrod

Call for Dreams
Help me to visualize the presence of dreams in the urbanscape by sending me your memorable dreams.  I will create maps that incorporate the dreams by inserting your audio recorded voices in 
the general location of your current address.  I will also create the shape of the space occupied by the dream in the urban space. I will need your dreams in audio form (Mp3 or Mp4) and your address.  After I receive ten dreams, I will create a map of these dreams and post it on the website of CIE. You can easily record your memorable dreams using your phone or tablet using the memo app and send them to me via email to Your name will remain anonymous and only with your permission I will post the audiotaped dream narrative.