Mary Fogarty

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Mary Fogarty is a cultural sociologist working as an Assistant Professor in the Dance Department at York University. Most of her research to date has been concerned with taking popular and street dance styles seriously in the academy. Lately Fogarty has been especially interested in taking key ethnographic moments that were undocumented, yet key to a particular methodological or theoretical insight, and translating her memories of the experience into artistic renderings with emerging illustrators and designers. Fogarty is exploring the potential of such collaborations for knowledge mobilization with the various dance groups that she researches.

Fogarty’s research explores the relationship between DIY media and youth affinities in articles such as “Breaking expectations: Imagined affinities in youth culture” in Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (vol. 25, issue 3, 2012) and “Each One Teach One: B-Boying and Ageing” in Ageing and Youth Cultures: Music, Style and Identity (2012). She has also written about creativity in street dance cultural practices and the significance of musicals for popular dance styles in “Gene Kelly: The Original, Updated” for the Oxford Handbook of Dance and Popular Culture (2014).

 Fogarty’s forthcoming publications include: “The Body and Dance” for the Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music (edited by John Shepherd and Kyle Devine, due March 2015), and the [Oxford] Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies that she is co-editing with Imani Kai Johnson.

PhD, Music, University of Edinburgh
MA (with Distinction), Popular Culture, Brock University
BA (with Distinction), University of Western Ontario